IoT Business

The Internet of Things (IoT = Internet of Things) provides new added value by connecting various physical devices to the Internet and exchanging information with them, and is attracting attention in a variety of industries. Devices can be as diverse as computers, smartphones, cars, household appliances, and buildings, each with a unique identifier that allows them to communicate with each other over the Internet.

IoT devices are equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity, light, sound, and motion that can collect and transmit this data to an IoT platform, which can collect, store, and analyze the data and send control signals to the IoT devices as needed. IoT platforms can collect, store, and analyze data and send control signals to IoT devices as needed.

We are also creating a future in which IoT platforms can also be connected to the blockchain by attaching “SHIRUSHI products” to IoT devices.
This could contribute to environmental protection by storing environmental data collected by IoT sensors on the blockchain and making the data freely accessible to ecosystem participants, or by processing data collected by IoT sensors through smart contracts to automatically execute contracts and payments, thereby enabling efficient business processes.

Currently, we are building a mechanism to provide incentives such as SHIRUSHI coins (SISC) in exchange for the contribution of data acquired from devices to the “SHIRUSHI economy zone” in a secure state without being tampered with through the blockchain.

Through these efforts, we aim for a future in which various social problems are solved by the IoT.