As a specialized semiconductor manufacturer in the field of Web3,
we aim to incorporate blockchain into various products and showcase
Japanese innovations once again on the global stage!

SHIRUSHI\'s products are
New connections between the Web3 and IoT worlds

Is this a mining machine!?

Our mining machine is extremely compact and highly energy-efficient.
It\'s revolutionary in terms of returns.

We utilize cutting-edge technology to develop
new products that have not yet been seen.

Continuous rewards bring peace of mind!

Shirushi is looking for sales agents.
Our unparalleled ongoing incentive program provides you
with peace of mind in running your business.

We aim to create a world where our products are
useful to society and provide returns to users.


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The future that SHIRUSHI is aiming for

We provide new value to our customers by combining the latest technology with the knowledge we have cultivated since our founding.

Product Development

Product Development

Developing unique products based on blockchain technology

Shirushi is developing a number of original products based on blockchain technology, including "Web3 Maker," an IoT device that can earn its own tokens (SISC).
We are challenging to create unprecedented new value by connecting the Web3 world, where decentralized applications run on the blockchain, and the real world with our own products!


Proposing new value creation through Web3

Based on the knowledge of "Shirushi", which has been developing next-generation Web (=Web3) based business incorporating blockchain elements since the dawn of the Web, we provide strong support for companies to raise funds and build their own economic sphere.
As a better partner, we will accompany you not only upstream but also throughout the entire process, including product development.
Please contact us for more information.


Save money with Shirushi Coins!

We sell original "Shirushi" products such as "Web3 Maker" and other parts necessary for data center operation.
By using Shirushi Coins at the time of payment, you can acquire products at a 10% discount !
In the future, Shirushi Coins will be expanded to e-commerce malls and digital gift markets.