Making Blockchain a Necessity of Life

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Blockchain is a core technology for cryptographic assets, but its use in the real world is limited. This is because its current use is limited to software. Software technology has made many people rich, but we humans place our trust in things that can be seen and have a form, and we feel value in them.

By developing, producing, and selling our own hardware that combines blockchain and IoT, we will spread blockchain in a natural way that is closely related to our daily lives.
The 21st century is said to be the age of data, and huge IT companies called “Big Tech” are creating useful services by acquiring various lifestyle and behavioral data without the user’s knowledge. This is the so-called Web2 world.
Web2 has created many useful services such as SNS and free services through user awareness. On the other hand, data and wealth are concentrated in one place, and this is starting to have a negative impact.

The world of Web3 that we are working on is a new Internet world that is shifting from concentration to decentralization, with blockchain technology, the first invention since the Internet, at its core.

A new world of barter, where people buy things without using money.
A new world of barter, where users can get coins/tokens for providing data and obtain information that did not exist in the world.
People around the world can benefit from IT by utilizing huge databases for free.
Data management and payment in space

These are all things that can be achieved using blockchain.

We are committed to enriching society by providing our customers with a world that overturns common sense, which was previously thought to be unattainable, by combining both hardware and software to make it more accessible to our customers.

CEO and Representative Director Manabu Sakurada

COO and Director Naoki Okura