Web3 Maker

Web3 Maker automatically earns coins every day by simply connecting to a power source.
This is a mechanism unique to Web3, which “undertakes the computational processing of the blockchain and receives a reward in return.

Feature 1. overwhelmingly low operating costs

Web3 Maker mines coins (SISC) simply by connecting the power supply.
You can also choose to receive the mined coins in three types: ETH (Ethereum), BNB (Binance Coin), or SISC (Shirushi Coin).

Feature 2. Comparison of Web3 Maker with Mining Machines

Compared to mining machines, these machines are designed to be less costly and more profitable because they require less power, less heat, and take up less space.

Feature 3: 3 easy steps to operation!

There are three steps to get up and running.
Once you contact us, our staff will provide you with more details.

Prepare Meta Mask, a wallet for crypto assets.

Access the dedicated page of “Web3 Maker” and purchase the device at the store.

Customers who have requested to pick up the device should unpack it after receiving it by mail and install it in a location where Wi-Fi signal is available.
Connect the USB Type-C cable for power supply, and when the LED blinks, the operation is complete.

Feature 4. It can also be an IoT device

Web3 Maker is also connected to IoT devices and helps society by earning coins while operating like the heart of each product.

If you are interested in purchasing Web3 Maker or would like to discuss how we can help you, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form.

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